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Can virtual events complement physical events?

Many companies today have implemented virtual events as part of their marketing strategy. In many cases the virtual event has replaced the traditional physical event. However, hybrid events add increased opportunities, and can be used to combine virtual and physical events. 

One hybrid event strategy is to hold your physical and virtual events simultaneously. When you develop the project timeline, consider both the physical and virtual event milestones and how this can be combined. Incorporating the look-and-feel, branding and physical location imagery into the a virtual environment will make virtual attendees feel part of the physical event. 

Another hybrid event strategy is to capture key content from the physical event and use it for a separate virtual-only event at a later time. This option is great for allowing physical event attendees to revisit sessions they enjoyed, or to view sessions and content they missed due to a packed agenda. It also provides a great way to leverage all that great content to reach a whole new audience who were unable to make it to the physical event.