How to update your basic institute information.

This article summarizes the steps and information required when updating or editing your basic company or institute details.

To update or edit your institution or company information. 

  1. Log into your institution or company administrator account.
  2. From the left hand sidebar click on Edit Institution.
    1. If you do not see Edit Institution within the sidebar please contact your event organizer. 
  3. In the page that opens in the right hand panel check the required information. Update the fields as necessary and replace any placeholder images.
  4. Basic Information to check and update as required:
    1. Institution Name
    2. Email (should be correct as per your admin email address)
    3. Post (or Zip) Code
    4. Region
    5. Country
    6. Match % - ​A number between 1 and 100. The number will determine what the minimum match percentage an attendee needs to match with you. For example if you set this to 1 then the attendee only needs a 1 percent match in order to match with your institute.
    7. Institution Social Media Links (optional)
    8. Institution Description
  5. Replace any placeholder images or add additional images:
    1. Institute Logo - 580x307px​
    2. Thumbnail Logo ​- 580x307px
    3. Dashboard Thumbnail - 227x227px
    4. Roller Banner - 206x560px
      1. NOTE: Number and type of images required may depend on the style of virtual booth being used for your particular event. 
  6. Once you have uploaded the new images to the platform, select the appropriate image within the Media Gallery. The selected image will now appear in the image preview window. 
  7. Click Save.

Edit Institution page: