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How will the event look from the organizer’s perspective?

Organizers get the attendees’ view plus much more. Backend access enables event organizers to manage the event themselves, modify the environment, upload content, manage live sessions and view data in real time. With everything online, data is easy to capture and curate via automated analytics. You can measure event performance with up-to-the-minute data on unique visitors, views, questions, downloads, posts and chats. 

Organizers can create custom reports for stakeholders in a couple of clicks. Drill down to glean insights on the most engaged attendees and companies and discover the top-performing sessions by attendee evaluations and content usage. 

It will be up to the organizers to ensure that the event runs smoothly. They will be in constant contact with exhibitors, keynotes speakers and attendees; answering questions, solving problems and facilitating a successful event. This is all accomplished via the virtual events platform backend.