The Institution Dashboard

This article gives a brief overview of the platform dashboard.

Once you have logged into the platform backend you will be taken to the institution dashboard. The dashboard is the main page where you will find all the setting and configuration options, analytics panels and chat & meeting schedule summaries.

Below is a standard admin view of the institution dashboard. 

  • Down the left hand side is the settings sidebar, this includes options to add program details and media content, webinars and manage meeting invitations. 
  • The colored boxes are the analytics panels, these show various information about your presence at the fair, they are also clickable for more information and configuration options.
  • Below the panels you’ll find summaries regarding the staff chat history and meeting schedules.  

Institution Dashboard

The exact layout and options available within the dashboard may vary to those shown here. For example as meeting time slots are added and meetings are scheduled additional analytics panels and information regarding meetings will appear within the dashboard. 

Company administrators and representatives both have access to the dashboard when they log into the backend. However, the options available will differ between the different roles.