What are the different roles within the KEG virtual events platform?

This article summarizes the different roles within the platform and the general capabilities and expectations involved.

From an administration standpoint there are 3 main roles that are utilized within the virtual platform: Organizer, Company Administrator and Company Representative.


The organizer role represents the primary organization that is ultimately responsible for the event or fair, as well as the configuration and maintenance of the virtual platform in support of the event(s). In general, a single organizer account is created by us when you sign up to use the platform. This organizer account has full permissions, with the ability to create new events, set up and alter the event environment, create exhibitors and company admins, and has access to all analytics for their events.

Company Administrator 

The company or institute administrator represents the main admin account for an exhibitor or institute within a specific event. These users are created by the organizer when they add exhibitors or institutions to an event. The company administrators will have the ability to configure and maintain their individual company's account and virtual booth within the platform. This includes uploading content, create staff members, creating webinars and access to the exhibitors event data.

The capabilities available to the company administrator can vary depending on the permissions and access granted by the organizer.

Company Representative 

Representatives represent the exhibitor staff members that will be working on the virtual booth during the event. These staff members accounts are generally created by the company administrators and the details of the staff members will be visible to attendees when they enter the event or exhibitor's virtual booth. Representatives have a login to the platform backend where they can view attendee visits, manage meeting schedules and see their company analytics. However, representatives do not have the ability to change settings or content for their company.