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What broadcast options can I expect?

Virtual events platforms generally offer the following broadcast features: 

  • Host live and pre-recorded content 
  • Support a variety of webinar and conferencing applications 
  • Support a variety of live streaming solutions 
  • Support embedded and linked to content 
  • Multi-speaker sessions 
  • Interactive and engagement tools 

Having the ability to broadcast your keynote presentations live during a virtual event is critical. Live broadcasting not only creates a sense of urgency amongst viewers but also helps engage attendees via live polling or Q&A sessions. In addition to live broadcasting, some virtual event platforms feature multi-speaker sessions, which allow multiple people to present at the same time. This is particularly useful for panel discussions and roundtables. 

Although many sessions within virtual events are live, to maximize attendee engagement and the attendee experience having the option to upload pre-recorded content is important. The idea of the simulive sessions are becoming more and more popular.