Whitelisting URLs

This articles provides information regarding specific URLs that may need to be whitelisted in order for the KEG virtual events platform to operate correctly.

If you are behind a firewall this could prevent you from using the platform's Instant Messaging, voice or video calling features. To ensure functionality please whitelist the following URLs:

1. virtualrecruitmentdays.com
2. cometchat.io

If the problem persists you may require more extensive whitelisting. In this case please whitelist the following URLs:

1. admin.virtualrecruitmentdays.com
2. v2.virtualrecruitmentdays.com
3. meet.virtualopendays.com
4. api-D5B36649-87D4-41F1-BE41-2F5AC327E27F.cometchat.io

Domain list for EU region only:
1. api-eu.cometchat.io
2. apiclient-eu.cometchat.io
3. ws-eu.cometchat.io
4. D5B36649-87D4-41F1-BE41-2F5AC327E27F.ws-eu.cometchat.io
5. metrics-eu.cometchat.io

Note: The ports are 5222, 7443, 80, 443 over TCP traffic.

5. api-D5B36649-87D4-41F1-BE41-2F5AC327E27F.calls.sendbird.com
6. api-D5B36649-87D4-41F1-BE41-2F5AC327E27F.calls.sendbird.com/v1/direct_calls/missed_si
7. api-D5B36649-87D4-41F1-BE41-2F5AC327E27F.sendbird.com